Yoga Paddle Boards

Symmetry Defined

Flow with your spirit, a Yoga mat on water with our true Twin Tip shape.


Find Your Center

Designed and shaped for stability, balance, and grace, the Yoga paddle board is perfect for finding your center on water.

Strength & Balance

The Yoga paddle board is sturdy and able to support paddlers of all sizes and abilities.


Create your own

Floating Yoga Studio

Create your own floating yoga studio. Our Yoga boards are smooth on the water and fast enough to keep up with the pack. Glide through your workout and across glassy water with the Yoga board. The Yoga board is sturdy and and supports paddlers of all sizes and abilities.

Light Weight

Fusion Technology

Lean, mean, and tenacious, new fusion technology allows the use of less material than traditional boards while maintaining durability. These babies are best of both worlds: streamlined and strong.

Pose 9’ 6" x 36" x 6"

Features: Lightweight Fusion Drop Stitch Technology, Twin Tip Swallow Design, Full Rocker Profile, Front and Rear Raised Stomp Pads, Diamond Groove EVA Deck, 4 Rubber Handles and 5 Soft Cloth Handles (NOT SHOWN), 1 Tie Down Strap, 1 Triple Reinforced Leash D-Ring

Fins: 1 – 4″ 100% Retractable Center Fin, 4 – 3″ Removable Gummy Side Fins

Bag: Dual Compression and Padded Shoulder Straps, Wheels, Heavy Duty Fabric, Padded Lumbar Support, Stow Away Shoulder Straps and 5x Bag Compression Straps

Pump: Dual Action Hand Pump w/Gauge and 12V Car Pump

Accessories: Repair Patch Kit

Warranty: 1 Year

Shipping: FREE


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