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  • Yoga Pose 9’6


    Find your center of balance with our twin tip customized creation that’s specialized for a more practical, functional and spiritual experience.  

    Features: Fusion Drop Stitch Technology, Twin Tip Swallow Design, Full Rocker Profile, Front and Rear Raised Stomp Pads, Diamond Groove EVA Deck, 4 Rubber Handles, 2 Soft Cloth Side Center Handles and 1 Center, 1 Tie Down Strap, 1 Triple Reinforced Leash D-Ring

    Fins: 1 – 4″ Retractable Center Fin, 4 – 3″ Removable Gummy Side Fins

    Bag: Dual Compression and Padded Shoulder Straps, Wheels, Heavy Duty Fabric, Padded Lumbar Support, Stow Away Shoulder Straps and 5x Bag Compression Straps

    Pump: Dual Action Hand Pump w/Gauge and 12V Car Pump

    Accessories: Repair Patch Kit

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    Your peace of mind, balance and meditation will shine with this true twin-tip experience.  We researched, tested and created a symmetrical board that’s similar to a Yoga mat. Why are most Yoga boards directional? Why are tie down straps where your feet lie?  NOT, what a mat would feel like in the studio!

    It’s the equal quieting of the mind from tip to tail, side to side that balances yourself with this board. The EVA deck has our signature dual raised stomp pad for better control.  Handles positioned specifically for help in certain movements and ease of carrying. One tie down strap for a hydration bottle or additional gear.  Lastly, the Patent Pending Retractable Fin for never worrying about shallow water or use on land.

    This board can handle any type of paddle conditions but is built more for a short distance paddle to a Yoga destination.

    A peace, clarity and positive vibe will bring you together with our icon logo throughout the board.  Come join us and take your spirit on a journey, go where you feel the most alive with the JD SUP POSE.


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