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Freestyle Dizzle 9’6


An Industry first design toward tricks on flat water.  We want to push the limits of jumping, spins, grabs and anything your imagination can create.

Features: Durable Core Drop Stitch Technology, Twin Tip Swallow Design, Full Rocker Profile, Front and Rear Raised Stomp Pads, Diamond Groove EVA Deck, 4 Rubber Handles, 2 Soft Cloth Side Center Handles and 1 Center, 1 Tie Down Strap, 1 Triple Reinforced Leash D-Ring

Fins: 1 – 4″ Retractable Center Fin, 4 – 3″ Removable Gummy Side Fins

Bag: Dual Compression and Padded Shoulder Straps, Wheels, Heavy Duty Fabric, Padded Lumbar Support, Stow Away Shoulder Straps and 5x Bag Compression Straps

Pump: Dual Action Hand Pump w/Gauge and 12V Car Pump

Accessories: Repair Patch Kit

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A NEW discipline will emerge with our industry first design. What is SUP Freestyle? What kind of tricks can you do on a SUP? This board will change the sport forever… Even WhiteWater enthusiasts love this twin-tip machine.

Inspired by Founder and Professional Snowboarder J.D. Platt who’s on a mission to create a new lifestyle, competitive discipline and product like no other.  With a creative mind and imagination to expand SUP, this board is J.D.’s masterpiece of fun.  Spin your pivot turns faster, launch urban or wilderness obstacles and expand your mind to create your own flat water dance tricks.

If a simple day paddling seems a little boring to you, if racing isn’t your thing or your a kid at heart, try what will be the future of paddle board enjoyment and competition. It’s like Slopestyle on water.  So create, play and imagine.

The creation of multiple handles for tricks, the Patent Pending Retractable Fin and the signature twin-tip design is pure playground paradise. A rock solid inflatable built to last and designed for a new generation of trickery.  The Freestyle Dizzle is built for a new way of thinking about fun on water!


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