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Designed and shaped for stability, balance, and grace, the Yoga paddle board is perfect for yoga and finding your center while on the water.

Create your own floating yoga studio. Our Yoga boards are smooth on the water and fast enough to keep up with the pack. Glide through your workout and across glassy water with the Yoga board. The Yoga board is sturdy and supports paddlers of all sizes and abilities.



For those who enjoy long expeditions and journeying far and wide, we’ve constructed our inflatable Touring paddle board for the explorer in you and your K9.

All of our paddle boards are designed for functionality, performance, and comfort. Our inflatable boards are capable of handling any paddling conditions from flat water to ocean waves, so outdoor enthusiasts and first-time riders alike can focus on enjoying the ride. Experience breathtaking views and expansive trips on the K9 Tour and Expedition paddle boards.



Score wild rides and big air on our original Freestyle paddle board, designed to help riders generate power and speed with added volume, handles, and a collapsible fin.

With smaller fins and fewer hull features, our Freestyle board is playful and downright rowdy on the water. Unlike surf-style boards that track up and down the face of the wave, the Freestyle board spins, slides, and does anything but stay on the straight and narrow!


Fusion Technology

Light Weight

Lean, mean, and tenacious, new fusion technology allows us to use less material than traditional boards while maintaining durability. These babies are best of both worlds: streamlined and strong.

Core Technology


Made with double layer drop stitch tech, our core technology helps us craft boards that are built to last. Our double layer core technology uses a thick second layer of liquid PVC poured over the raw drop stitch material to create high wear-resistance for your most rugged adventures.

Retractable Fins


Fins are attached to the hull to have constant contact with the water and keep the board moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, most fins break on impact when hitting a rock or other hard object whether on water or during transport. Repairing an inflatable board after a break is expensive and risks water permeating the inside of the board that needs to stay dry, resulting in water damage that can be impossible to reverse. Retractable fins reduce damage without sacrificing the stability associated with removing the fins altogether.