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  • JD SUP Crafts Inflatable Paddle Boards for Yoga, Dogs, and Water Sports in Bend, Oregon

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    JD Platt

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, September 22, 2017 – JD SUP strives to revolutionize the way riders think about paddle boarding. The newly launched JD SUP crafts inflatable boards equipped with a unique paw perch to support riders, their children, their pets, and their lifestyles.

    JD Platt has never been one for tradition. Platt has been a professional snowboarder (1998-99 Winter X-Games Finalist and four-time US Open Finalist), reality TV personality, and a dog performer. With a love of adrenaline, dogs, and the great outdoors, it comes as no surprise that Platt’s boards match all three passions.

    JD had been paddle boarding along the Deschutes river in Bend, Oregon for years. But he discovered a few problems along the way – his dogs struggled to stay on the boards and hitting a rock could cause substantial damage to his board.

    JD SUP offers four different boards based on a paddler’s goals: the K9 Tour, Tour, Yoga, and Freestyle. The K9 Tour board features an original Paw Perch, a raised form platform for a child or pet to rest while paddlers explore the open waters. The Tour board is ideal for riders who enjoy long expeditions and journeying far and wide. Both Tour boards are capable of handling paddling conditions from flat water to ocean waves so outdoor enthusiasts and first-time riders alike can focus on enjoying the ride. The Yoga board was designed and shaped for stability, balance, and grace so yogis and paddlers can find their center on water.

    What began with snowboarding later continued into his K9 Kings Flying Dog Show, and eventually, the Freestyle paddle board from JD SUP. The Freestyle board, equipped with smaller fins, added volume, fewer hull features, and a collapsible fin, helps riders generate power, speed, and air for a more playful and flashy experience. Freestyle paddle boarding aims to combine the best facets of water sports – the action and the smooth movements that can only be accomplished from a board. Freestyle paddle boarding emphasizes entertaining an audience while making it look as effortless as dancing on water.


    About JD SUP | JD SUP paddle boards are inflatable and feature innovative ergonomic shapes, double layer core technology for high wear-resistance, durable fusion technology to keep boards light, retractable fins to prevent board damage upon impact, and an optional Paw Perch.


    For additional information and images, please contact JD SUP:
    Sales & Media Relations | JD SUP | jd@jdsup.com | (541) 788-1967

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